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I was going through nursing school working full time as a fluorescein angiography in a retina surgical office when I became pregnant with Lilly. I worked until 3 days before having her. After having Lilly and learning her diagnosis of cancer I quit my dream job and lost everything we had owned. We lived between The Los Angeles Ronald McDonald house and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for 14 months while Lilly received treatment. The full time responsibility of caring for my fragile child became a carrier no mother plans for. But growing a love for every family and child you meet along the way is always something no human can plan for. From living inside the glass and learning the true meaning of love and strength I learned we are only as strong as those around us who hold us up when our knees grow weak. We have hosted every Halloween, Easter and Christmas for over 2500 children in the greater Los Angeles area and nationwide and as cancer never stops choosing children either will I. It choose my child once, I won’t stand by and let it choose the lives around us always wondering if it will choose my child Again.