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Lilly was born on July 19th 2012 in San Luis Obispo, CA. She was as Beautiful and perfect as I could have ever imagined. At six days old I noticed a small eraser top size lump on her chest. The ER was quick to tell me it was a hemangioma, birthmark and was nothing to worry about. I knew something was wrong but no one wanted to trust my “New mom” gut. At 3 months old it was so big it sat 3 inches off her chest. They were still sure I was overreacting by demanding scans and surgery to remove it from my infants body. I caught her in her swing one morning gasping for air as the lump was so large it was now in the way and took her to the hospital and refused to leave. After being transferred to chla , After days worth of war they agreed to remove it, and after more struggle than should ever be needed, I got it scheduled for the following week. I got the call on November 14th that the mass they removed was in fact something much worse than a birthmark . It was cancer. Ewing’s sarcoma cancer had grown from inside her chest wall bone, out of her muscles and arteries to present the mass we were seeing. They said if they wouldn’t have caught it when they did, cancer would have spread to her entire chest wall, her heart and lungs not leaving her more than six months to live . She started chemo on thanksgiving day. Lilly was 4 months old. Due to child hood cancer being the lowest funded form of cancer research children like my Lilly including infants, newborns like mine are only available to get adult form and strength drugs . My Lilly started five different forms of 75% strength adult chemotherapy at four months old, and then had 14 more rounds . When she was seven months old a week before Valentine’s Day, they removed a portion of her chest wall to create ‘clean margins’. Along the path she had to endure seven more surgeries . Each day was never promised and we grew to learn love was all we needed. We lived within children’s Hospital Los Angeles in the Los Angeles Ronald McDonald house for 14 months, as we lost everything we had once owned to fight the war called childhood cancer. The day after she finished cancer treatment she got blood poisoning and quickly fell into septic shock. They said she wouldn’t make it through the day. She fought like her life depended on it, because truly that’s all she ever knew and survived. She was officially deemed cancer free on July 9 of 2013 exactly 10 days before her 1st birthday proving miracles do still exist. Today my Lilly is a 5 and a half year old Kindergartener, who is on the competitive cheer squad, a Daisy cookie slinging Girl Scout, who loves going to Disneyland with her AP, is an official police officer with the San Bernardino Police Department, Is a published author of her own book “Through the Glass” and calls the shots to her own 501(c)3 Non profit foundation to aid HUNDREDS of kids fighting different forms of childhood cancer NATIONWIDE.

She never stops fighting for what she wants. And she wants it for all. She fights for her friends health as her own, their happiness. She fights for the childhood she knows and loves so dearly and most of all she is exactly who she wants to be.

And I’m so proud to be her mother. Every days. Every single day.

Trish Anderson