Emily 12/28/2009 – 03/27/2018

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Angel Ambassador Emily Janelle-

Emily Janelle was diagnosed with sPNET Brain cancer at age 4, one day before thanksgiving on 11/26/14. We then found out that the tumor came back and she needed a second surgery 12/22/14. She started her first round of Chemo on New years eve, since her diagnosis we spent many holidays in the hospital. After being 1 year and 11 months Cancer Free, we found out Emily relapsed following a seizure on 08/14/17, two weeks later she had her 3rd resection. Emily started a trial with the University of Florida and started 3 months of low dose chemo in late September 2017. On 12/20/17 we found out Emily’s tumor came back and she would need a 4th resection, but before the surgery scheduled for January 2018, after multiple headaches and throwing up, a CT scan revealed the tumor was bleeding, she was admitted to the PICU until her scheduled surgery. Her 4th resection was again successful, she continued on the trial and was admitted to the Bone Marrow Transplant unit in February 2017 for 2 weeks. She received the two out of 3 shots for the trial. Just a month after being discharged we found out the tumor had grown and it was bigger than before, the surgeon was hesitant to perform the 5th surgery, but agreed to it because the doctor had another trial for Emily. Her 5th surgery was unsuccessful, Emily had a stroke during the surgery and was placed in an induced coma. Emily never woke up, after a week on life support test showed no brain activity and no blood flow to the brain and was declared Brain Dead. Doctors took her off life support and she earned her angel wings on 03/27/18 at 1:20 p.m. surrounded by those she loved and loved her most. We promised her to continue to fight along side Team Lilly Foundation in her honor and fight alongside those who are still in this. Every day I wake up and tell myself to be more like Emi, to love like Emi, in her short life, Emily along side her family, dedicated her time to doing, toy drives, she got so many toys she wanted to collect toys for kids in need, she did Lemonade stands where she collected money and donated it to her doctor for cancer research, she helped Hiccups feed homeless people and even took care packages to kids in an orphanage in TJ sponsored by friends and family. Emily was always so caring, she was a great friend, she was often gravitated towards kids who were introverts, who didn’t have any friends or who were super shy, she was always the one to go up to them and introduce them to her friends. She was an amazing daughter, she worried about me so I would find myself telling her that was my job, she never complained during treatment and trusted us with her care. She was very obedient and we miss her so much. Emily loved elephants, horses, dogs and unicorns. Emily didn’t mind sharing, she was a great foster sister, she always made sure that our foster kids felt welcomed. Emily wanted to be a Fashion Designer/Archaeologist/Baker/Cook, she was great at all of those and everything she did, she did it with heart. Kids like Emily deserve a better future. A life where cancer doesn’t exist. Love Emily’s Mommy