Halloween 2019

Every holiday you all astound me. I’m truly humbled to stand among you all and I wonder HOW you do? Thank you. Truly thank you. These are the smiles you all fought for this Halloween! Within one month you helped us gather everything needed for 200 full Team Lilly Foundation inc. care packages to steal back Halloween from cancer for each and every warrior who cancer thinks it can bully and being flooded with photos of them arriving are pure magic!! We’re here to STAND UP for every child effected by childhood cancer and here are just a few of them this Halloween you were a voice for!! Thank you for shopping our Amazon.com list, look at thr items YOU purchased making them smile! Thank you to each and every sponsor who helped us cover over $15,000 worth of items needed to go within the packages! Special thanks to DA8 Strong for sponsoring 80 of our parent coffee sponsors and for sponsoring over $1200 worth of items within our parent toiletry kits and needed costumes! To the Fontana Foundation of Hope for sponsoring our local warriors, and to every soul who helps each one of these smiles shine bright today!

From us to you, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

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