For Joshua

I’m rarely rocked to my core. To my knees. I’m rarely speechless. After The last 2 days, I hope maybe one of you can hug your children tighter after reading this.
Last night we hosted Joshua’s viewing and today his burial and watching his mommy collapse onto the ground. I was holding her in my arms until she woke back up and watching her try so desperately to crawl to her son to free him from being within the soil with her own hands, a piece of my soul went with him. Holding her down as her life was lowered into the ground, knowing this is what we raised every dollar for, life shakes you. I often wonder how people can so easily turn the eye. Turn their heart. Judge. How a pain so deep can be expected to be isolated and forgotten. How some people waste so much energy being negative and mean, condescending when sometimes just sometimes they just don’t see life as they should. Today this is life through my eyes. We raised $22,000 in 7 days to lay 9 year old Joshua to rest….and for every person who thinks THIS isn’t our reality, here is it. For anyone who wants to put me down for a part of life they should be thankful they don’t know, I pray I never stand beside you on this day. After this weekend, that’s all the words I can put together.
To Joshua’s momma, you Are the definition of a mother and I’ll stand beside you forever and always.
Olivia Jarquin Prayers for Emily Janelle I’d be completely lost without you and your true friendship.
Together we fight.
This is our fight.




For every person who donated, shared, believed and fought for Joshua either through his battle with cancer or within the last week to fully pay for his funeral, I sit here right now At his viewing beside his family and took this photo. Here is our sign from heaven above. He’s here. He watched each and every one of you assemble. He knows . Rest easy Joshua. I see you sweet boy. I see you.



Thank you. Thank you so much for helping us give Joshua’s family the goodbye no one should have to give without the burden of this enormous bill. Here are the numbers.
$22,723 Raised, by 884 amazing donors from all over the world. 38 Auction Items, 3 generous shop owners who ran fundraisers, 2 Amazing Raffles.

And 1 Little boy who rallied our amazing Army to show that we will not allow money to stop us in our tracks. If you do the math you will see that our average donation amount is $25 dollars. Each and every single dollar adds to make the impossible, possible because of each of you who shared our fight, who donated, who let this cry be heard. For this We have no words except Thank you.

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