Lilly's 10,000 miles with 10,000 angels

Traveling Angels



True love knows no bounds. Even through death, the love that grows within Lilly’s heart is eternal. Lilly has buried 7 of her closest fellow cancer fighting friends since she has become cancer free, and this is her fight to show them her love with never die. We fight on, march on and love on for you our angels. So here we are 10,000 miles from home with 10,000 pictures of her angels to spread throughout the world where their own footprints were intended to leave imprints on. We will make sure their indentation is still left soul deep. 3 weeks ago we took them to Alaska, here we are 1 month later And here is Italy and Greece our sweet Dalilah, Ceci, Hazel, Ayden, Bailey, Kylie and Emi.

Dear Bailey, Your momma sent us with with than you pictures. We took your ashes with us on all 10,000 miles within my backpack baby. We had you trucking with us on the 14 hour flight. Then we snuck you into the Sistine chapel. I sat you on the ledge and let you take in its glory. I could feel your presence as we walked into the Vatican and the sun shines perfectly from Lilly’s curls as she held you. Then we boarded a ship to take us from Italy to Greece. We sat you in our window each night so the moon could find you on the Mediterranean Sea. We went to the Grecian island of Santorini where you jumped off the ship and swam with Lilly on my back to the secluded beach where the “healing soil” is as orange as the sun. I added you into it sweet girl. Then we hiked up a volcano where I placed you at the top we struggled to get to. I tripped so bad as soon as we got to the top I fell on my face, and when I looked down to see what it was I tripped on, it was a perfect heart shaped Black rock. I could hear you telling me you wanted to be there and made me fall over it to find it. I took that heart rock back with me to your momma baby so she has a piece of where your soul now soars free. Within the next 10 days baby we took you to Mykonos island, KatKolon, athens, you ran on my back with Lilly in the original Olympia, you sat at the top of the ruins and felt the breeze, I sprinkled you in Delos where the walls having moved since 827BC. I held you within my hand at the acropolis feeling your soul fly. We promised you forever and this is us keeping that promise. As we released the last of you in the Grecian sea from our boat I shook holding you within my hands. Knowing with the twist of my hand you were forever free where cancer couldn’t find you anymore. Fly high Bailey girl.

This is what childhood cancer looks like, and the soul of my fighting daughter who won’t stop fighting for her friends. In heaven and on earth.

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