As seen on "Fastest Car"

Seen on “Fastest Car”!

Did you see us with Debbie Foreman on the last episode (episode 7) of Netflix Fastest Car?! A few months ago when we were filming this is what it was for! I cried seeing it come to life and the honor Debbie gave my Lilly and her friends fighting and those we have lost. Since launching our Nonprofit Team Lilly Foundation inc. 6 months ago we have been been able to assist HUNDREDS of families battling childhood cancer and have raised over $200,000 in that timeframe. I could have never of fathomed we would need to help that many as childhood cancer is ripping through our generation like wildfire but because of people like Debbie who rage on beside us being the voice of these children, of my Lilly I KNOW we will be heard. I KNOW we will open eyes to the raw reality we are faced with. That we can’t raise money fast enough to cover just the burials. That were throwing more funerals than birthday parties as more Are dying then celebrating a birthday. That we have sent over 600 care packages in 6 months because that’s how many kids are being diagnosed. That childhood cancer is the lowest funded form of cancer research. That it isn’t enough. That it will never be enough.
Lilly had just buried her best friend Dalilah after filming this, I can still feel the sheer pain in her eyes as she holds her picture in the sky.

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