Our Fighters

Birthdays, they never meant that much to me. But, there we were, two weeks after his diagnosis, sitting in a hospital room. It's was decorated very nicely. That's where he spent his second birthday. Sadly, at that point, we knew that he wasn't guaranteed a third. The Beast, as he is affectionately known, is a fighter. He doesn't know any better. And, sometimes, because the forces of nature bring like souls together, he was drawn to another warrior. That warriors name is Lilly Bumpus. Similarly, we were drawn to her mother, and her to us. We became more than just friends- cancer has a way of creating those bonds. We were no longer fighting alone. Days became weeks, weeks became months, and his third birthday was quickly approaching. At some point during our time together, Trish had learned that Mateo had spent his last birthday in a hospital room. Just the though of that brought so much sorrow to her heart. So, she stepped in to make certain that his his next would be something special. For several months, Trish, and her army of supporters (Team Lilly), conspired to throw Mateo a birthday party fit only for the superhero that he is. For an entire year, we'd been witness to so many changes, there were so many ups and down. Cancer had changed us. But, nothing changed us more than that third birthday party. There was love in every detail. There was hope in every decoration. There was a unity, somehow made possible by cards from all over the world. Birthdays, they never used to mean that much to me. Now, they mean everything. Thank you Team Lilly.
-Erika (Mateo’s mom) *we are heartbroken to report that Mateo has relapsed.

My daughter Emily Janelle was diagnosed with sPNET Brain cancer at age 4, one day before thanksgiving. We then found ourselves spending Christmas in the hospital after a second resection for a tumor that came back. She started her first round of Chemo on New years eve, little did we know that those would be just a few of the holidays we would spend in the hospital. When we switched to CHLA to finish treatment, we quickly learned about Lilly's Magic, A mom and daughter duo backed by thousands of people who wanted to make the holidays behind the hospital glass just bit more magical. I have witnessed that magic, the look in the eyes of kids, when they walk in to a room filled with love, and with people ready to give them a holiday/ party like no other, where for that one instant they can enjoy themselves and just be kids. Kids like my daughter Emily who fight everyday just to see a brighter future. A future where cancer doesn't exist. - Oliva (Emily's Mom)
We are sad to report that since writing this, Emily has relapsed.

With the help of Trish and Team Lilly my daughter Bailey was able to have a huge magical 2nd birthday. We didn't know at the time it would be her last with us but it was fit for a princess. Cards covered walls on the outside of our house, balloon arches and balloon animals, party favors for a life time and 3 different cakes all came for Bailey. Bailey wasn't feeling well at her party but I'm so grateful we went through with it and have those beautiful professional pictures that trish arranged. I'll never forget my sweet girls birthday and I'll never forget her sweet tea party in heaven when it was the first time we spenther birthday without her. Trish gave me a very special little glass angel she found and it sits on my counter today. The love team Lilly shows is bigger than anything. They have hearts of gold and love deeply. We thank team Lilly for loving our sweet girl.
- Julia (Bailey's Mom)

Our Mission:

Your donations will go toward filling the oncology halls of local children's hospitals with gifts of cheer three holidays a year, for birthday bashes and parties celebrating children who have beat cancer. We also raise funds for families in treatment who are in need of help with bills, medical equipment, and simple things like sending food to hospital rooms if we know a cancer mom or dad hasn't eaten. We have also taken the burden of assisting with funeral expenses and the weight a mourning family bares. We at Team Lilly aim to help a child and family drowning from cancer not just of cancer.

Team Lilly Foundation Inc. Is a 501(c)3 charity est.2017