Lilly's Story

Lilly was born in San Luis Obispo, CA on July 19,2012. She was diagnosed that November with Ewing sarcoma in her chest wall and began treatment at Children's Hospital Los Angeles on thanksgiving day. She had 14 rounds of chemotherapy (75% adult strength dosage), a portion of her chest wall removed and 7 other surgeries to be deemed cancer free on July 9, 2013. Lilly was given a 70% chance of relapsing within 5 years of treatment. She has just reached 4 years without relapsing! She now fights the after effects of treatment including heart abnormalities, neuropathy, PTSD and abnormal bone growth but as the sun falls each day she knows the gift of each day. She is currently a Oncology patient at children's Hospital Los Angeles in 3x a week OT and is routinely scans to check for remission every 3 months.

Trish Anderson - President

I was going through nursing school working full time as a fluorescein angiography in a retina surgical office when I became pregnant with Lilly. I worked until 3 days before having her. After having Lilly and learning her diagnosis of cancer I quit my dream job and lost everything we had owned. We lived between The Los Angeles Ronald McDonald house and Children's Hospital Los Angeles for 14 months while Lilly received treatment. The full time responsibility of caring for my fragile child became a carrier no mother plans for. But growing a love for every family and child you meet along the way is always something no human can plan for. From living inside the glass and learning the true meaning of love and strength I learned we are only as strong as those around us who hold us up when our knees grow weak. We have hosted every Halloween, Easter and Christmas for over 2500 children in the greater Los Angeles area and nationwide and as cancer never stops choosing children either will I. It choose my child once, I won't stand by and let it choose the lives around us always wondering if it will choose my child Again.

Britt Baysinger - Vice President

I am a mom of two young children and a lifestyle blogger, I have been a member of Team Lilly from our first Christmas party and have handmade every pillowcase sent out for every holiday since. I remember nearly 5 years ago being very pregnant with my first child and coming across Lilly’s page while she was in treatment and sobbing along with Trish’s writing and feeling deep in my gut that I needed to be a part of anything these amazing ladies took on. I reached out to Trish after her first event and volunteered to make 120 pillowcases. Every holiday that number grew and my responsibilities along with it. Until last year Trish came to me with the plan to become a non-profit. I am honored to be a part of this foundation and will stop at nothing to make this a huge success for all the families who need us. I do not have a child with cancer, I have never lived a day in Trish’s shoes, but I hope to show that those of us who know nothing about this life are the ones who should help the most. To be grateful for the health of our children and help while we can. Because any day it could be one of our children diagnosed and be on the other side of the glass. If that day comes I will feel confident to ask Team Lilly for help because I have given when I was able.